3D Illustrations of the Earth World Infographics


3D World and Infographics

Important: when opening the documents Photoshop will most likely ask you to Update or change the current font used, click “NO” to maintain the actual layout as presented. The font used is Futura. There’s also a blank Layer in every Document at the top, so when you Open it is white (this is for reducing the file size). You can just delete this Layer.

What’s inside this Product

  • 16 Landscape Illustrations of all the Continents and Nations in High Resolution, 16:9 ratio (easy to Crop in 4:3 or other ratio)
  • Multiple Views available from the West and East sides. Web Size: 6000×3375 px 72 DPI RGB. Print Size (Print Size 20’x11’25’’ 300DPI CMYK).
  • Photoshop Vector Infographics and Texts included as shown in the Preview Images, in .psd format along with the relative Illustrations.

All the Illustrations are available in these Formats

  • Photoshop Psd Files with well organised Groups: the graphics (sun, clouds..), the maps, the Infographics and texts are all on separate Layers and Groups. The Files work with any Adobe Photoshop version from CS4 to CC 2018 (in any language), After your customisation you can easily Export for Web or Print.
  • Easily Export for Print or Web from a completely customizable .psd File.

All the Continents, Nations, Seas, Oceans, Islands and Ice coverage represented in these Illustrations are 100% realistic and designed using official real photos of the Earth and real Maps (Read more in the Credits). These maps are suitable for any type of Web or Print project, public and personal, with the guarantee that they are a completely legit and reliable source of geographic information.

The Earth, more beautiful than ever. Does it look like that?
These illustrated maps are designed to provide a well balanced mix between photorealism and drawing: colours, textures, edges, rivers, mountains, deserts, ice coverage, sea depths etc. are all enhanced to give an clarity to the geographic details.

About the Infographics

All the informations mentioned and represented as Infographics inside the Illustrations have to be considered as placeholders and not reliable data.

They’re designed to give you an idea of how to represent actual facts and features depending on the Nation(s) that you want to show and your task: you can grab elements from one illustration and move it to another, or directly Edit the elements inside the illustration itself.

However it is recommended that you start over creating the infographics yourself because it is very unlikely that the placeholders provided will suit your needs and objective.

All the graphics shown as infographics are in Photoshop Vector format (Shapes and Texts), so you can also copy the Path of an object and work in Illustrator or Indesign. The glow and color effects are made using Layer Styles and easily replicable and applicable to other elements in your work.

Want More?
If you want another view of your Nation request it in the Comments or Contact Us.

Credits and Disclaimer
All the reference maps used are public domain images and suited for public reference. Big thanks to: Tom Patterson (disclaimer) his maps made this project possible, and hopefully these illustrations will become a reliable resource for the community as much as his.

Other references for the Infographics: Wikipedia, Nasa


100% Real 3D Maps, generated from Earth Satellite Images and official references

FULL PREVIEW (Behance) https://www.behance.net/gallery/69763125/3D-World-Illustrations-and-Infographics


3D Illustrations of the Earth World Infographics

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